Westside Thanksgiving Celebration

VOLUNTEER TO HELP US!  -  Sign-ups start November 1

An event this size takes lots of hard work.  You can take a few hours and join thousands of others in making this a wonderful, fun celebration.  We assign people to specific jobs at specific times so you can schedule your day.   If you'd like to help, decide whether you'd like to work early or late, or Wednesday evening.  Look at the jobs below and see if you have a preference, then sign up.  Please note: We consider your sign up a commitment.  Be sure you'll be able to honor your commitment before you sign up.  Note your shift time in your calendar.   Otherwise we 'll have a vacant shift.


If you’d like to be more involved in the planning, starting September we have bi-weekly meetings in Mar Vista on Sunday afternoons @ 2:00pm.  Interested?  email us for details.

WEDNESDAY - 8am - 5pm

THANKSGIVING DAY - starting at 6am


Thanksgiving Day  |  info 310-394-3153

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